Event organised by Backyard, a community organisation that supports creative industries in Penang. It was a night of great music, live drawing and interactive performances. I exhibited my Face It portraits and held Harts, Flaws and All workshop. 


Anna Asz came to me with an idea for a project and got me so excited! It was to be an art director for a photo shoot and with the team of photographers and stylists to challenge the mainstream depiction of beauty. So in an artistic collaboration, we presented the stunning beauty of our models, all of whom are living with Down’s syndrome. Our project challenges viewers to question why people with disabilities are so rarely seen in the mainstream fashion industry, and asks them to reassess their own definition of who is beautiful. Photos by Alex Gardener. 


It seems like we need a reason or at least an excuse to look into someone else’s eyes… Well, we found the excuse! Let’s draw each other. Let’s look deeply into each others’ eyes and observe what makes us different but more importantly what makes us the same. Let’s examine how do we share this condition of being human and how can we fight disengagement.
Come, put your guards down and be prepared to draw badly and honestly. The plan is to pair up on the day and each person gets around 10 to 20 min to draw the other person. 
 It doesn’t matter if you have never drawn a portrait in your life or if you are a passionate drawer. It’s more about the process than about the end result. So let’s be human together, let’s draw badly and flaunt our insecurities!

Project is part of Dagmara Gieysztor’s ‘Contain Yourself!’ art residency. Which is held in a shipping container on the Footscray Riviera, just down from Footscray Community Arts Centre

Photos by Paul Atkinson


Production design for short film Salty Black Sugar directed by film maker Mizuho Endo. As well as creating DVD cover and film title design.

Synopsis: ‘Experimental film following a young boy as he learns what a shallow place the world can be. Angst ridden, void of passion, he drifts through life numb and detached. Through the journey of the black puddle that is his alienation, he learns the paradox of love which tastes like “Salty Black Sugar”


Another great opportunity that came out of winning 2012 SALife Loreto Emerging Artist Award, was meeting Jacky Hamilton Visual Arts Coordinator at Loreto College. She invited me to do presentations and workshops with her art students. It was a great experience to share the love for art with enthusiastic and keen ears.