This time working on a project for the Georgetown Festival!  It's a collaborative project between Tutti from Adelaide and Stepping Stone from Penang. My role is co-curating / creating art installation / project managing. It's a big challenge and I'm loving it. Here is a little blurb from BEASTLY booklet:

BEASTLY is the first fruit of a growing relationship between learning disabled artists and their supporters in Australia, Malaysia and Indonesia. In the last year this has grown into a collaboration, which seeks to democratise art further through including work driven by learning disabled artists in international festivals.

Beastly grew from conversations with artists about their real, mythological and imaginative relationships with the animal world. These are the relationships all cultures experience which give depth and nuance to our view of nature. Artists decided they wanted to transform an ordinary everyday built environment into a series of small, secret places where audiences can experience short beastly themed performances, which invite deeper reflection about how we as human beings relate to the animal world.

Beastly aims to be free and accessible to the widest possible audience – disabled and non-disabled, children through to festival connoisseurs - and for everyone to be invited to participate in the evolution of the work through photos, drawings and posting online.
I am staying at Stepping Stone art residency. Love it.

To see more photos check my collaboration page